14, 34, and 1,400

What is the significance of 14, 34, and 1,400?

Are they the code to unlock a safe? No. The formula for a new physics problem? No. Winning lottery numbers? Unfortunately, no.

The three numbers symbolize the extensive process used by the Illinois Arts Learning Standards Initiative to develop recommended standards. During the 14-month process, members of the initiative’s Steering and Advisory Committees met more than 34 times and volunteered over 1,400 hours.

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IMG_07671The initiative’s committees consisted of teachers, administrators, and teaching artists.

“Educators led the development of these standards,” says Donna Torkelson, an Advisory Committee member who teaches fine arts at Westfield School in Winthrop Harbor District 1 (near the Wisconsin border), “The initiative empowered me and all the teachers involved.”

Advisory Committee member Josh Shearer adds, “It has been energizing to participate in such a grassroots process and see fellow educators with diverse views reach consensus on these practical standards.” Josh teaches visual arts for Anna CCSD 37 in southern Illinois.

The initiative held public forums and conducted online surveys, gathering input from the education community. As a result, the recommended standards reflect the diversity of Illinois schools and provide teachers the flexibility they need in giving students quality arts education.

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Jonathan VanderBrug